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MyStories presents authentic content that sells

Authentic content sells.

We work with global brands to turn their content into the most engaging way to shop in-store. Our visual commerce platform specialises in fast-paced authentic content, perfect for an instore audience.

MyStories offers marketers a cloud platform to create brand stories. No-coding required

Create visual shopping experiences.

MyStories offers marketers a single platform to create and manage highly engaging visual commerce experiences across the customer journey, from discovery to purchase and beyond -

Unlock your creativity without touching a single line of code!
MyStories is designed with brands in mind


Use corporate fonts and colours to match your existing channels, so MyStories speaks to your brand.

MyStories is famililar with its interface which is used by 500million people

Instantly familiar.

500M+ people per day browse using the Stories interface. MyStories provides an omnichannel experience so your Audience can seamlessly transition from online to offline.

MyStories ultilise existing social media content to reduce cost

Create content without the cost.

Pull video from Instagram, TikTok or any social network and instantly boost the appeal of your display. Turn video and images into a fully shoppable, fully interactive Story – and then embed that experience across your physical channels.

MyStories is so quick to integrate into existing didplays

Integrate in a snap.

Create highly engaging experiences that integrate seamlessly into your brand’s display, driving traffic directly to checkout. The best-in-class experience for social shopping creation and distribution.

MyStories give you real-time insights

Get real-time insights.

Track your Stories performance using real-time data and learn what's working well with your audience.

MyStories makes it easy to do A B testing

Publish, A/B test, Refine, Repeat.

MyStories is built using Dynamic QR codes, allowing you to change the content on-the-fly, whenever you want. It combines multiple technologies to make this happen in the background with our powerful cloud infrastructure.

Transform your displays' engagement and conversion rates.


Use their mobile devices while shopping in-store.


Are using QR codes to access information in-store.


Globally say they use online video while shopping in-store.

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