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Let’s re-write in-store shopping.

Streamline in-store shopping.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital realm, connecting people with products seamlessly.

Social commerce in-store.

Social media platforms have created new and exciting ways to discover and buy products online. MyStories brings these advancements into the real world.

Instore is evolving.

Traditional in-store remains a largely transactional experience that hasn’t evolved much over the last 20 years. With ever increasing expectations of the online shopper, in-store needs to catch up and provide modern shopping experiences.

Your audience has voted!


Use their mobile devices while shopping in-store.


Are using QR codes to access information in-store.


Globally say they use online video while shopping in-store.

Our company.

Founded in 2018 we are a team of passionate people based in the UK and working with customers globally.

Our Values.

People Matter 💛
Own It 💪
Surpassing Limits 🙌

The wellbeing of you and the people special to you always comes first.

Embrace the opportunity and create remarkable outcomes.

Go beyond expectations for both our customers and colleagues.

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