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QR codes that bring your products to life.

Transform in-store footfall into loyal customers with MyStories, the ultimate shopping experience inspired by Instagram Stories! Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities and hello to seamless product discovery and purchases with just a few taps.


MyStories is tailor-made for brick-and-mortar stores, blending the excitement of social media with the security of in-store browsing. Trusted by industry leaders and trendsetting retailers worldwide, MyStories guarantees an unforgettable QR experience for your store or POSM.

MyStories how it works - customer scans qr code
Your audience scans your QR code

Best in-class design

Ultra-fast scanning

No app required

MyStories how it works - customer see the story
They are directed
to your Story

Designed for Mobile

Instantly updatable

Drives conversions

MyStories how it works - you gain data insights
You get audience insights

Daily connection count

Engagement time

Conversions & Actions

Used by.

Built for physical commerce.

Proven results.


Surge in Dwell Time Compared to POSM and Packaging


Audience completion rate


Became more interested in a product or service

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